My favourite wildflower reserves

Here is a list and brief description of bushland reserves I have either worked in or have visited recreationally.


1. Kings park

Kings park located near the city is a show of wildflowers from around western Australia. From the Kimberly to Albany and the inner deserts this park allows people the pleasure of seeing wildflowers from around the state. And the endangered species In those regions.


2. John forrest NP

John Forrest Np is a very large reserve of good quality jarrah forest located in Mundaring just on the Great Eastern Highway. Featuring several walk trails for  varying fitness levels, including A historic railway walk, a six hour trek and last but not least a scenic wildflower walk.


3.  Ellis brook reserve

Otherwise known as sixty foot falls, Ellis brook reserve is also located in the Perth hills. Here jarrah intersects with wandoo and salmon gum. Around the waterfall it becomes wet enough to allow native ferns to grow in the granite crevices


4. Wireless hill reserve

Wireless hill is a large reserve located in the middle of suburban Ardross. Featuring plenty of orchids and other wildflowers close to the very well made tracks, perfect for photo opportunities. The reserve is maintained by the very passionate Friends of Wireless Hill. So why don’t you go and help them out, enjoy wildflowers and make friends at the same time.


5. Lesmurdie falls

Very similar to Ellis brook reserve, with wandoo trees and featuring a waterfall. Lesmurdie falls also has a nice display of low shrub flowers on the higher ridges.


6. Mary street 212

Mary street 212 isn’t the actual name of the reserve in fact I don’t think it has any official name. mary street is an out of the way, not very prominent wildflower reserve located in Wanneroo . A small reserve it is actually in extremely good condition and is an excellent place for wildflower photography.


7. Kensington bushland

Kensington bushland located within walking distance of the West Australian Herbarium is an example of Banksia woodland on Perth’s Bassendean soils. Here you will see abundant stands of Banksia and a thick shrub layer.


8. Shenton park

Formerly used as a rubbish tip, Shenton park bushland  is a very nice patch of remnant bushland located a few kilometres from the coast. In addition to the untouched bush areas, extensive revegetation works have been made to rehabilitate the bushland area.


You should also check out the wildflower reserve lists on the wildflower society website for maps and more information.

–          Mathew Woods

Wildflower Society Members Update – September

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There are Wildflower Shows everywhere!

Check out all the Wildflower Shows in country towns. We have the upcoming 5 shows on our Wildflower Display page here.  However, to see the full listing for the season you will need to go to our Events Calendar here.

Have a marvelous spring season!

The Mary Bremner Bequest Grant Programme is Open

The Mary Bremner Bequest Grant Programme for 2017 is open, with applications to be received by 1st October 2017.  Details for potential applicants outlining the requirements are available here, or you may make an enquiry to at any time.

Information on the history and internal procedures of the Mary Bremner Bequest Grant Programme are available on the WSWA Governance page – Members Only.

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WA Semi-Advanced Identification Workshop

On the 5th of August the Murdoch Branch of the Wildflower Society will be running a workshop on more advanced methods of plant identification. Details follow.

Where: WA Reference Herbarium, WA Conservation Science Centre
17 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington.

When:   8 am – 5 pm


  • Morning: detailed instruction on key characteristics to examine and dissect to identify 6-8 specific plant genera such as Hibbertia, Melaleuca, Acacia, Gastrolobium, Thryptomene, Baeckea, Scholtzia, Aluta, Micromyrtus, Thysanotus, Asteracea, Poacea
  • Afternoon: walk in local bushland to practice identification skills
  • 5 instructors present to assist
  • Microscopes, scalpels and forceps supplied

Who:      Wildflower Society members have 1st preference.  Basic plant knowledge assumed


  • $80 Wildflower Society Members
  • $100 Non-members
  • Morning/afternoon tea included
  • Attendees to bring own lunch

How:      Contact: Wildflower Society

  • Email:
  • Phone: 9383 7979 (24 hour telephone)
  • Office hours: 10 am – 2.30 pm
    Tuesday and Thursday only
  • Website:

RSVP:   Friday 28 July 2017

NOTE:   Numbers limited to 20.  Reference Herbarium has strict quarantine rules regarding exclusion of food and plant material

Bob Cooper and the Bush Tucker Talk

This Thursday the Murdoch branch of the wildflower society will be hosting Bob Cooper an outback survival instructer from right here in WA.

For over 30 years Bob Cooper has honed his survival skills by learning from many traditional cultures.

His experiences include living for extended periods with Aboriginal people in our Western Desert, sharing bushcraft abilities with the Bushmen of the Kalahari in Botswana also with the Lakota Sioux Indians in Dakota and jungle time with the Orang Asli people in Malaysia.

His roles have included instructing the Special Forces Units, conducting survival courses throughout Australia, lecturing with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service on survival in the Mexican Desert and delivering wilderness survival lessons in Malaysia and the UK.

Bob has also organised many projects throughout Australia, from social adventures with movie stars and other international celebrities to personal development courses for Youth at Risk.

In 2000 National Geographic America filmed Bob conducting his advanced survival courses in the television series True Survivors which featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. More recently he has participated in two documentaries with the BBC in the UK and a feature segment on 60 Minutes in Australia.

Bob’s long term commitment to protecting and enhancing the enjoyment of people venturing or working in the Australian bush, won his Outback Safety and Survival Course the prestigious Excellence in Safety Training Award, from the State chapter of the Safety Institute of Australia in 1996.

Over the years Bob has gained a vast knowledge of Australian plants used for food, medicine and as foraging/hunting tools – this knowledge is what he will be sharing with the wildflower Society in June.

Bobs survival courses are well organised and highly educational, combining modern and traditional survival techniques as well, as the psychological factors of being in a survival situation. Bobs courses will provide the invidual with the knowledge and skill to safely and respectfully deal with survival situations when they happen.

More about Bob Cooper on his web site


Source: E-mail correspondance with Bob Cooper.


Nature Expo for Kids

The Educational Sub-Committee has been investigating different approaches to foster children’s interest in the bush (see Andrew Price’s  ‘Connecting Kids’ on this website).  We would like to invite you to bring your children and grandchildren to our inaugural Nature EXPO, at which we are offering activities designed to engage your children and prompt their curiosity and creativity through interaction and play with our amazing native bushland.

It will be held on Sunday July 9, 2017, at the Henderson Environmental Centre, in North Beach. Registration starts 10.30am; we conclude at 3.30pm. We encourage everyone to bring a picnic lunch, as there is no kiosk on-site. We plan to run seven nature experiences concurrently, over three, one-hour sessions. The children can choose which three they’d like to attend. Participation in each workshop is limited, ages from 7-16 (– ish).


More information on our Events calendar – link here.

Members Only Event !

Well known eucalyptus experts Dean Nicolle and Malcolm French this evening!  Dean Nicolle has two popular titles recently published:  Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia: Their Selection, Cultivation and Management and also Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia: Their Selection, Cultivation and Management and Malcolm French, whose most recent very popular book is also available from the Society, Eucalypts of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt have agreed to give a talk on their work and latest publications to the membership.

This is a Members Only event – details on the Members Only website page – link here.  If you are having trouble logging in, or are a member and would like the details emailed to you, please email for help!