Plant Learners’ Group

This is a group which meets in a self learning environment. Various aids, such as Florabase, books and keys are used to identify specimens and learn about native plants.

Plant Identification Workshops

These two workshops, on October 13th and 20th, are designed to introduce participants to the techniques of wildflower identification. At the end participants should be able to quickly recognise the main wildflower families and genera in the south-west of WA. They will be run by Janet Atkins and Penny Hussey at Octagonal Hall in Glen Forrest.  The cost for both days (including some materials) is $20 for Wildflower Society members and $30 for nonmembers

  Day1: Introduction; flower and inflorescence structure; tools, lenses, microscopes, scans, terminology, books, electronic; stem and leaf structure; all topics theory and practical
Day 2: recognising 12-16 common WA plant families, theory and practical.
Study aids and materials will be provided.

Please ring Penny (9299 7024) if you need more detail or register at