‘Blooming Biodiversity’ – ANPSA National Conference

The Wildflower Society of WA is a member of the Australian Native Plant Society (Australia), which has a branch in most states and territories.  Every two years, a national conference is held at a different location around Australia, affording members the opportunity to meet members from other states, and learn about the flora of different regions of Australia.

In 2019 the National Conference will be held in Western Australia, from 29 September to 4 October 2019, with the theme of ‘Blooming Biodiversity’ and centered in Albany.

The National Conference in Western Australia is still in the planning stages, but will include a series of tours to and from Albany, the host town, and a variety of day excursions during the conference, taking in native flora in bushland settings as well as gardens and landscaped areas.  Since the south-west of Western Australia is known for its pristine bushland, there will be an emphasis of native flora in its natural setting.

We are hoping that all branches will become involved in setting the agenda, suggesting speakers, arranging tours, helping with the promotional video and website, or just keeping notes of our meetings!  If you would enjoy helping our Society with the volunteer effort please contact the Office.  For further information, please contact enquiry@wildflowersocietywa.org.au

If you are not familiar with Albany and the South Coast of Western Australia, this is a great short overview which the City of Albany has kindly allowed us to use.  Enjoy!

Interested in attending the Albany – Blooming Biodiversity conference? 

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Blooming Biodiversity – Albany 2019 – ANPSA Conference Expression of Interest