Harrisdale Swamp


HARRISDALE SWAMP (Bush Forever site 253) is a 98.4 hectare nature reserve in Perth’s south-eastern suburb of Harrisdale, within the City of Armadale. Named after a pioneer family of the area, the reserve is part of the Jandakot Regional Park and originally consisted of a number of private titles with two additional uncleared blocks later added to the northern end. The WA Planning Commission has progressively been buying the blocks over the years, the last acquired in 2019.

The reserve supports a variety of habitats, including banksia woodland and jarrah, a seasonal wetland occupying the central area of the reserve—and swamp paperbark thickets with dense understoreys of bracken, jointed rush and pithy sword-sedge.

By metropolitan standards, Harrisdale Swamp is a  relatively large reserve and contains many walking tracks that traverse a range of diverse habitats. With its beauty and rich biodiversity, Harrisdale Swamp is an ideal place to visit with children where they can be taught the values of the natural environment and the importance of its preservation.

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