Mary Bremner Bequest Grant Program

Please Note:

Applications for future grants have been suspended due to the lack of funds accumulating from low interest yields. The future of the grants program is under review.

Approved current Projects will continue to be funded to their completion.


Long-time member Mary Bremner made a bequest to the Society for the promotion of Western Australian native flora, and the income generated is expended through a grant programme.  The grant programme is guided by the objects of the Society as outlined in its constitution and the priorities set in the Strategic Plan. In summary the objects cover the broad areas of:

  • Know        promote public awareness and study of WA wildflowers.
  • Grow         promote the cultivation of WA wildflowers in gardens and public spaces.
  • Conserve  promote the conservation and preservation of WA wildflowers and bushland.

Grant Types

There will be two levels of funding.

Small Grants: up to $2,000: awarded annually with a total capital of $2,000 available.  This enables one small grant of $2000 to be approved, or other smaller grants totalling the $2,000. Small grants are reviewed and approved by the Society Management Committee (MC).

Large Grants: min $2,001 to max. $20,000: On a biennial basis with maximum set by Grant sub-committee at $40,000 in 2019.   Large grants will be awarded by the Society MC, on the recommendations of Mary Bremner Bequest Fund Assessment Panel.

Who can apply for a Grant?

·   Incorporated, volunteer community groups with at least one Society member.

·   Society sub-committees.

·   Society Branches.

·   Society members (collectively three (3) or more).

Applications from like-minded groups are permissible and encouraged. Suitable applicant groups include kindred groups and educational groups (schools, universities etc.).

All applicant groups can discuss their proposal with a designated Bequest Sub-Committee member prior to submitting their application. The aim is to support the receipt of relevant applications for the Assessment Panel to consider.

 Who is ineligible for funding?

·   Private individuals.

·   Registered businesses.

·   Non-incorporated community groups. These often small groups can seek a relevant or similar incorporated group to sponsor or partner in the grant application.

·   Society (or other group) operational overheads/administration, that are funded through membership fees.

·   Organisations/groups who have an existing grant under the program. These organisations can only re-apply after they have sent the acquittal report.


Applications for Grants will open on the day of the Society State Conference and AGM of each year for Small Grants and every second year for Large Grants.

Applications for Grants will close on 1 October of the same year to allow for a response to a notice in the Society’s August Newsletter. Grants will be awarded in November and run from 1 December to 1 December, over one year for Small Grants and two years for Large Grants.

In the case of Small Grants, if the maximum allocated under the Small Grants Program is not allocated by the date set in early December the uncommitted monies will be available through application to the Management Committee until the end of the Society Financial Year.

Payment of Grants

Small Grants will be available in full at the commencement of the project.

Large Grants will receive 50% on commencement of the project and 50% on acquittal of the project.

Grant Acquittal

Acquittal of the grant will be deemed successful on lodging of financials with a brief report on the project together with – a presentation of a verbal report on the funded project at the Society AGM and/or a Branch Meeting and an article on the project in the Society’s Newsletter/website.

Program guidelines

What will be funded.

•      Equipment/ prizes/ venue hire.

•      Promotional materials.

•      Payment of presenters, writers, facilitators etc.

•      Payment of a person’s time to organise the event (no more than 15% of grant request).

•      Materials, accommodation, travel costs.

•      A project, activity or event that: is based in Western Australia and focused on WA flora; promotes WA native flora to the public; promotes ecosystem functions and WA native flora as part of the environment; preserves or protects WA native flora; surveys, records and documents WA native flora; facilitates the production of pamphlets, paintings, photos, films, online resources etc. on WA native flora; provides walks or tours for members and the public; provides talks, workshops or information sessions on knowing, growing, promoting and preserving WA native flora; undertakes to display and/or non-commercial sale or provision of WA native flora; and/or teaches propagation techniques of WA native flora.

•      Art and photographic exhibitions with a WA native flora theme.

•      Projects on public land that has the appropriate permission from the relevant authority.

Applications will be regarded highly when there is a: focus on community participation; matching financial co-contribution; and partnership with kindred organisations and are under pinned by an agreement outlining rights and responsibilities of each party.

When applications receive a matching score in the assessment matrix process, the application that involves Society members (volunteers) will be given priority and awarded the grant.

What won’t be funded.

•      Environmental work on private land that provides financial benefit to an individual.

•      Overhead and recurrent costs of the organisation applying for funds.

•      Rent and cost of administrative equipment/resources.

•      Payment of staff not associated with the project.

•      A project not based in Western Australia.

•      Total/sole funding of “general” land care activities that are eligible for federal, state and local government funding e.g. weed control and fencing.

•      Requests for recurrent/repeat funding for the same project without objective evidence of meeting the original application goals and outcomes.

How do you apply for a grant?

Grant applications are currently being accepted will close at 4.30pm on 1 October 2019.

Review the full application form in PDF before submitting: Mary Bremner Grant Program 2019- Application Form

Complete and submit the online application form 

Further details, application forms and/or questions should be requested as early as possible in the funding round to 

Further details of the day-to-day management of the Mary Bremner Grant Programme for Society Members can be found in the Members Only section here.

Past recipients

Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium – $500 in 2018.  See acquittal report here: 2018_Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium