Policies and Objectives

Our Policies

Principles of Flora Conservation

The Wildflower Society of WA believes that the conservation of our remaining bushland heritage is of paramount importance. The philosophy of conservation of the beautiful and unique wildflowers of the West is encapsulated in these ten principles of flora conservation. They were officially adopted by the Society at its 1991 State Conference with minor changes since. These principles remain as relevant today as they did in 1991.  Download here.

Environmental Offsets Policy

The Wildflower Society of WA is concerned at public policy attempts to use environmental offset conditions in development approvals to implement “no net loss” principle and “net environmental benefit” goal biodiversity outcomes. The Society considers the clearing of native vegetation communities can only result in a ‘net loss’ of biodiversity conservation in our State that cannot be replicated through rehabilitation or revegetation offsets. The Society does not consider it possible to fully re-establish specific ecosystems due to their complexity and diversity. Download here.

Revegetation Policy (including Seed Collecting and Usage)

The Wildflower Society of WA believes that the natural WA landscape is a valuable asset worth of protection and conservation.  The aim of this policy is to provide a set of standards and guidelines to encourage the preservation and regeneration of indigenous vegetation.  Download here.

Use of Native Flora for Ceremonial Occasions

The Wildflower Society of WA provides the following policy for all government organizations in Australia – federal, state and local – for the use of WA flora for those official occasions where a floral tribute is deemed appropriate. These guidelines have been informed by those established by the then Australian Society for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP), now Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) – ANSP(A) – for the bouquets for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Download here.

Our Objectives

The Objects of the Wildflower Society of WA are:

(a) To encourage the conservation and preservation of Western Australian flora by, among other things, supporting efforts to strengthen laws and regulations for the conservation of Western Australian flora, encouraging enforcement of laws and regulations and making submissions on the preservation of Western Australian flora to government and other organisations.

(b) To raise public awareness about the value of, and need to conserve, bushland.

(c) The Society will establish and maintain a public fund to be called The Wildflower Society Bushland Conservation Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of the Wildflower Society of Western Australia (Inc.). The Fund is established to receive all gifts of money or property for this purpose and any money received because of such gifts must be credited to its bank account. The Fund must not receive any other money or property into its account and it must comply with subdivision 30-E of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

(d) To promote the cultivation of Western Australian flora in home gardens and public areas.

(e) To promote the study of Western Australian flora and to keep records of information on growing methods and the performance of such plants under cultivation.

(f) To support the establishment and operation of Branches within the state of Western Australia.