Study Groups of the Australian Native Plant Society Australia

The Wildflower Society of Western Australia is a Member Society of the Australian Native Plant Society Australia (ANPSA). That is, we are part of a whole of Australia Society concerned with the flora of Australia.

Our Western Australian sector uses the catch words ENJOY KNOW GROW CONSERVE to sum up the breadth of our interests in the Western Australian flora.

The Australian Society began in 1957 with a meeting of growers of the Australian flora in Melbourne at the Horticultural Hall in Victoria Street, Melbourne. It soon gained the name the Australian Society for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). Member societies followed soon after – despite the problems of distance in Australia – the first federal conference was held in Canberra in 1962.

For some time, the Australian Society has encouraged Study Groups. These groups, (for example, Acacia),  encourage the study of a particular genus or group of genera in the Australian flora.

This ANSPA page lists the current Study Groups.