Northern Suburbs Branch

Northern Suburbs Branch

The Northern Suburbs Branch has meetings with guest speakers each month on the 4th Tuesday at 7.30pm at the Henderson Environment Centre, Groat St North Beach, and occasional excursions to places of interest. The largest activity of the Branch is propagating and selling local native plants at the nursery which is located at the Landsdale Farm. The nursery is open every week with special sales twice a year. A dedicated team of volunteers propagate the seedlings and also provide workshops and growing advice.


The nursery is open every Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Landsdale Farm is located on the corner of Evandale and Landsdale Roads, Darch. Volunteers will assist you to choose native species which are right for your location and growing conditions and will provide advice on soils, watering and other conditions needed to get the best from your native garden. For information on available plant species visit the nursery website:  



Free guided nature walks each month, approximately one hour long, starting at 8:00am. See seasonal changes in plant and animal life in a number of Northern Suburbs bushlands.

The Northern Suburbs Branch meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month, starting at 7.30pm, at the Henderson Environmental Centre, Groat Street, North Beach.

2021 Guest Speakers:

23 February: Eddy Wajon “A Year at Hyden”

23 March: Kevin Thiele “70% of all Australian species have not been discovered yet, and what we can do about it”


25 May:  AGM. Roz Hart “New Moves With Urban Bushland Fungi”

22 June:  Ryan Craig “Decoding the Language of Parasitic Plants : Understanding the interaction between Pilostyles and its hosts”

27 July:  Laura Skates “Beauty and Horror: The Wonders of Australia’s Carnivorous Plants”

24 Aug: Katinka Ruthrof “Climate Change Impacts in the Northern Jarrah Forest”

28 Sept: Diana Papenfus “Paruku – The Kimvberley’s Lake Gregory”

26 Oct: Kelly Shepherd “Old & New Relationships Within the Family Goodeniaceae”

23 Nov: John Viska “Early Native Gardens in WA”

President: Richard Curry, 0408 923 610
Secretary: Christine Curry, 0430 013 364