Creyk Park


Creyk Park is located on Lilian Avenue and Kembla Street in Armadale and is owned by the City of Armadale. The bushland is recognised as a ‘Forrestfield Vegetation Complex Threatened Ecological Community’ – a community of species which was once common to the Swan Coastal Plain. Now as little as nine per cent remains and bushlands like Creyk Park are becoming threatened with extinction.

The bushland is predominantly Jarrah, Slender Banksia (Banksia attenuata) and Flame Banksia (Banksia menziesii) woodland over a scattered understorey of Jacksonia sternbergiana, Candle Hakea (Hakea ruscifolia) and Smokebush (Conospermum stoechadis).

Perennial Veldt Grass (Ehrharta calycina) is a major threat to this bushland community. Interpretive signs are displayed at the park and illustrate tracks to follow in order to reduce the spread of weeds and Dieback, and minimise the trampling of vegetation.




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