Membership gives you access to unique opportunities to support and participate in the work of the Wildflower Society, a fully independent non profit organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting world famous Western Australian flora.  Your dues go towards:

  • Education – access to professional advice regarding all aspects of native plants – propagating, cultivation, technical expertise, scientific breakthroughs even before they are published, access to the WA State Herbarium and professional botanists through projects – and the list goes on.  The Society provides unparalleled opportunities for education.
  • Activities – There are a myriad of activities offered by individual branches throughout Western Australia.  All branch meetings and activities are open to any member – you are not tied to a single branch.  There are many opportunities for learning, exploration and camaraderie.
  • Library – the Honor Venning Library is an important resource for books, many out of print and completely unavailable outside of professional private libraries.  It also contains many records of independent research undertaken by the Society which is unavailable elsewhere.
  • Advocacy – the Society provides considered, professional responses to Local, State and Commonwealth governments.  The Society is held in high regard for the quality of its work and its opinion on matters relating to the conservation estate, and is fully independent, supported only by memberships and donations.
  • Research – the Society conducts original research in the form of flora surveys.  Many of these areas would never be surveyed, nor their botanical worth known, if it were not for the rigorous work undertaken by the Society.
  • Newsletter – the newsletter is a professional source of news and information that would not be available elsewhere.  You also have the opportunity to subscribe to the journal Australian Plants through your membership for an additional fee.
  • Discounts on publications and workshops – historically the Society has provided access to publications that were difficult if not impossible to obtain, and still provides a discount to members.
  • Website – The work of the Society and each of its branches is showcased in our website, including a ‘members only’ section for access to updates, branch and committee contacts, and ‘members only’ events.
  • Independence – the Society has never accepted funds that could be seen to conflict with its conservation ethos, and has a proud reputation for impartiality.
  • Professional management – insurance, accounting, audit, overheads and administration and other important matters are handled by the Society for the benefit of all members in a timely and businesslike manner, including administrative backup to branches for events.
  • Bequest – by being a member of the Society, you have an opportunity to influence how significant funds are spent on conservation matters, and perhaps even participate in special projects.
  • Bushland Conservation Fund – by being a member of the Society, you are supporting the administration of an independent tax-free fund that aims to play a significant role in conservation in Western Australia.

Register or renew your membership here.