Our role

The Society lends its support to several key campaigns to protect Western Australia’s wildflowers and native vegetation.

Current campaigns

The Society has joined the Partnership For The Outback an alliance of leading conservation organisations working for nature, people and the future of Outback WA.

Long-term campaigns

Great Western Woodlands Protection

The Society was heavily involved in opposing the State Barrier Fence upgrades and extensions in the Great Western Woodlands.

Here is a recent interview with a Society member who has been involved with the Great Western Woodlands activities for some time.

We have also been campaigning for over ten years to protect the Helena and Aurora Range, which is home to five endemic plant species and eleven priority plant species, as well as four species of threatened fauna. The Society has joined a coalition of environment groups calling for the creation of a national park in the area where one of our members met with Josh Byrne of Gardening Australia in October 2018.