Role of the Roadside Vegetation Subcommittee

What we do

Since its early beginnings in the late 1950s the Society has had a keen interest in preserving the native vegetation along Western Australia’s roadsides and in earlier times had some success with its hard work.  In recent times, as many of us have noticed, our roadsides are receiving significant clearing such that the dismay felt by members, WA communities and interstate/overseas visitors has been made clear to the Society.

In early 2017 the Society reinvigorated its involvement in the conservation of roadside native vegetation and established the Roadside Vegetation Sub Committee (RVSC).  Since then there have been numerous meetings with Ministers and senior policy staff at the state level putting forward the Society’s concerns for this preservation.


Many submissions on clearing permit applications are made, presentations are attended and given by members of the  RVSC, local involvement by Society members in the roadside issues of their region takes place, and  a re-engagement with the flora road concept so proudly touted by the State of Western Australia in earlier times, is underway.

Information on specific submissions may be obtained by contacting