Where to see Wildflowers – North of Perth

Our Top 10 Wildflower Sites North of Perth

Feeling adventurous? Check out our ‘Top 10’ wildflower locations north of Perth.  You can also download our Rough Guide to Wildflower Spots outside Perth which provides detailed descriptions and insider tips.

Site 1. Shark Bay

Make the 827km trip from Perth during the ‘everlasting window’ of mid-August to mid-September to see everlastings as you move into the low woodland and mulga country further north.

Site 2. Kalbarri

The spectacular Kalbarri National Park provides a chance to see a great array of wildflowers and  covers nearly 200 000 ha. You will need a whole day to see the wildflowers and the scenery such as Hawkes Head, The Loop and Zed Bend. Get a preview of what’s on offer by watching this video courtesy of Burke’s Backyard.

Site 3. Mount Magnet

A great location to see Everlastings. If rains have been favourable there will be a fantastic display from about mid-August to about mid-September. If rains have been good, you will see everlastings along the road to Shark Bay in August and September.

Site 4. Mullewa Region

If you take Butchers Track to the Carnavon – Mullewa Road you’ll enjoy a scenic trip through the real outback. Much of it is a dense thicket of acacias and hakeas. There are also occasional stands of the native cypress and occasional mallee eucalypts.

Site 5. Wildflower Way and Coal Seam Park (Mingenew)

There are many spots between road and rail that are worth stopping for. Explore the side roads, for example to Canna and to Pintharuka where the local cemetery, appropriately enough, also has the wreath flower.  Coalseam Park is best in early spring when carpets of everlastings may be present. There is spectacular scenery with lookouts over the steep valley of the Irwin river.

Site 6. Eneabba and Badgingarra

Only a few hours drive from Perth, are some of the best wildflower areas of Western Australia. The roads near Eneabba, and especially the side roads, are very good. There is also specialist accommodation at Eneabba and Badgingarra catering for wildflower visitors (check our Rough Guide for details).

Site 7. Wongan Hills

On your way from Perth, make a stop at the Udamung Brook Reserve south New Norcia. Near here, you will see the prominent pink flowers of the Pincushion Cone flower along with several dryandras. Most profuse is the spectacular many headed Dryandra. Continue on the road to Calingiri to the Rica Ericson reserve to see excellent flowers on the heath, and in September spider orchids like you wouldn’t believe under the wandoo trees.

Visit Mt O’Brien for some good bushland and spectacular views. Reynoldson Reserve, north of Wongan Hills is well-worth a visit, particularly in November when the Verticordia are flowering.

Site 8. Brand Highway

The section from around Cataby to Perth and surrounds provides a show of everlastings in late winter and spring. You’ll also be able to see the rare Rose Fruited Banksia and a wide range of wildflowers.

For a preview, watch this short video of wildflowers around the area, courtesy of the Moore Catchment Council.

Site 9. Merredin region

Head east of Perth to see stunning patches of woodland with carpets of flowers in spring. Near the Sandford Rocks you will find many moist spots with sundews and orchids, and also a good patch of Salmon Gum woodlands.

Site 10. York

Traverse Talbot West Rd which takes you through attractive Wandoo woodland. This area is easily reached from Perth and makes a good one-day drive.

Want more details? Remember to download our Rough Guide to Wildflower Spots outside Perth before you go.

Thanks to Dr Jim Barrow for providing this information.

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