South West Capes Branch Library

The South West Capes Branch has several small library collections kept in members’ houses.

Floreat 1
Floreat1 table list 14Mar2022

Floreat 2
Floreat2 table list 17Mar2022

Cecily – a collection of Blackall and Grieve
Cecily – SWC Library Blackall and Grieve

Hazel Cole
Hazel Cole – library

Floreat 3
Floreat3 table list 27April2022

March 2022
March2022 table list 27April2022


For the moment, we are restricting access to current Wildflower Society members.

To access any book, please email the Secretary

Please include book title, author and collection name (e.g. Floreat 1) with your request and include your phone number.

Please be patient as we test this new initiative.