Wildflowers to grow in your garden

A short guide to choosing wildflowers for your garden

We’ve complied some lists of attractive native plants that grow well in Perth and which you have a reasonable chance of obtaining from local nurseries.

Four criteria were used to select the plants to list:

  1. They have to be attractive – with showy flowers or interesting leaves.
  2. You have a fair chance of getting them at least from one of the specialist nurseries.
  3. Once established, they can be grown with little added water, at least on soils 2, 4 and 5.
  4. They are from Western Australia. Of course, a great many plants from other states fulfill the other criteria. But our plants are more likely to be adapted to our climate, less likely to become weeds, and more likely to support local wildlife.

Download the list of Wildflowers to grow in your garden

Wildflower Society members Robert and Janet Atkins explain to Gardening Australia host Josh Byrne how they select plants for their amazing native garden.