Kulin Branch

The Kulin Branch is currently in recess.

When it operates, it does so in the old shire office near the Fire Station in Johnston St.  We maintain a herbarium of local flora, monthly displays in High Street and a major show in conjunction with the Kulin Bush Races.  We are searching for rare plants in new locations in 2018, especially the Kulin Wattle, Acacia kulinensis.

Visitors are welcome and given notice, we can go on wanders, especially at the Macrocarpa Trail on the edge of town.

The Kulin Branch is involved in a number of activities around the town. This includes flora surveys in areas where vegetation is being removed, preparing a management plan in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and being involved in the street-scaping of Kulin. The group has also prepared a list of Weeds of Shire Significance which will highlight weeds that will be a focus of weed spraying programs.

Kulin Wildflower Branch & Herbarium
Herbarium open by appointment



AGM 25 August 2020