Role of the Conservation Subcommittee

What we do

The Terms of Reference of the Conservation Subcommittee are to consider all relevant matters regarding the conservation of Western Australia’s native flora and take relevant action, in accordance with Item 3(a) of the Constitution:

That is:

  • To encourage the conservation and preservation of Australian and particularly Western Australian native plants by, among other things, supporting efforts to strengthen laws and regulations for the conservation of Australian flora, encouraging enforcement of laws and regulations and making submissions on the preservation of Australian wildflowers to government and other organisations interested in the preservation of Australian wildflowers.
  • To monitor conservation issues in the state of Western Australia; and
  • To prepare materials, submissions and the like on behalf of the Society, as needs dictate.


Over the last five years the Society has prepared more than 100 submissions regarding a range of important environmental issues including:

  • The Roe Highway Extension
  • Strategic assessment for Perth and Peel regions
  • Indian Ocean Drive Planning Guidelines