Role of the Conservation Subcommittee


  • encourage the conservation and preservation of Western Australian native plants on public lands including roadsides and Crown lands, and on private lands;
  • support efforts to strengthen laws and regulations for the conservation of Western Australian flora and encourage enforcement of laws and regulations;
  • consider all relevant matters regarding the conservation of Western Australia’s native flora and, at its discretion, take relevant action in accordance with the Society’s Objective (a);
  • consider and deal with matters brought to its attention by the Management Committee;
  • make submissions on behalf of the Society to government and other relevant organisations; and
  • prepare media statements and other communications on topical issues.

This work includes dealing with the many conservation issues that come up in urban planning, roadside development and work, mining and pastoral activity – to name a few.

Until recent times the Society also had a very active Roadside Vegetation Sub-Committee and this work has now been rolled into the work of the Conservation sub-committee. Since its early beginnings in the late 1950s the Society has had a keen interest in preserving the native vegetation along Western Australia’s roadsides and in earlier times had some success with its hard work. In recent times, as many of us have noticed, our roadsides are receiving significant clearing such that the dismay felt by members, WA communities and interstate/overseas visitors has been made clear to the Society. One recent initiative of roadside work and continued involvement of the Society is the Wildflower Friendliness Rating Scheme.

Media Releases


  • Submissions made by the Society have included:
  • the Department of Environmental and Water Regulation’s Compliance and Enforcement policy
  • The Roe Highway Extension
  • Strategic assessment for Perth and Peel regions

And more recently:






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