Seed Cleaning Group and Seed Bank

Our Branch has an extensive seed bank, which is available to members and visitors at our monthly meetings, or when the Propagation Group meets.

The Seed Bank relies on the generous donation of seed from our members’ gardens and the volunteers who clean and package seed on our seed cleaning days.

Seed cleaning occurs at the Octagonal Hall (please see the Branch homepage for details) on alternate Wednesday mornings from February to mid-year, depending on the amount of seed donated, the date and time being noted on this page, facebook and in the monthly newsletter.  Our friendly volunteers extract the seed from its seedcase or husks and package it for sale.  This is a great way to become familiar with a wide range of native plants, especially local species. If you wish to join us, you will be most welcome (experience is not necessary!).

If you are willing to donate seed from your property, please place it in a paper bag with your name, location, the plant name and date of collection.  If you are unsure of the species, please include some fruit or flowers (if possible), leaves, or any other identifying material.  It can be left at the hall, in a box provided on the propagation aids table.

If you wish to look for something in the seed bank, please ask June Barkman,  a member of the committee or the Propagation Group Coordinator, who will be happy to help you.