Annual Plant Sale

There can be over 250 species of Western Australian native plants available for purchase at the sale, held at the Octagonal Hall grounds in early May of each year. Trees, shrubs, ground covers and rockery plants, climbers, everlastings and climbers are usually available. The plants tend to be grown in “forestry pots” and the price range tends to be in the range of $2.00 to $5.00. Larger and rarer plants will be priced at a higher level.

The plants are cultivated by members of the Branch from seeds and cuttings at their home “nurseries”.

The sale is advertised locally, on the Wildflower Society website and facebook pages. A week prior to the sale an electronic copy of a catalogue of the plants is made available so that you can “check and select” the plants you want to purchase. The catalogue provides information that includes the botanical and common names of the plants, flower colour and flowering time, height, any special features and the plants natural habitat.  Some species will have limited numbers available, so it is important to get to the sale when the “gate opens” at 9.00am.