Threats facing Western Australia’s Wildflowers

Find out more about the current threats to WA’s wildflowers and what you can do to help.



Listen to the RTR FM interview with Professor Kingsley Dixon re the need to protect WA’s biodiversity hotspots

Climate change

Listen to the  RTR FM interview with Natarsha Woods, CEO of Wheatbelt NRM re the impact of climate change on Wheatbelt


Phytophthora Dieback is a major disease threat to WA’s wildflowers and other native plants. It’s caused by the introduced plant pathogen, Phytophthora cinnamomi, which is a microscopic water mould that attacks the root systems of susceptible plant species. Banksia communities are particularly susceptible.

Watch the South Coast NRM video on the threat of dieback in bushland


Read more about dieback and the activities of the Dieback Working Group and Project Dieback

Urban development

Listen to the RTR FM interview with Wildflower Society member, Mary Grey, re the impacts of urban development on our wildflowers

Watch the Urban Bushland Council video outlining the value of Perth’s Banksia woodlands and the threats posed to them from urban development.