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Getting involved with the Wildflower Society will give you direct access to an unmatched, independent depth of technical knowledge of WA’s wildflowers based on the work of its members and activities of its branches. All members are entitled to participate in any or all branch activities.

All members receive the Western Australian quarterly Newsletter. If you opt out of the printed copy you’ll receive a discount for e-mail delivery. For an additional fee you can subscribe to Australian Plants Journal. Options for both these are set out below.

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Membership is open to all persons or organisations supporting the Objects of the Society:

  • To encourage the conservation and preservation of Western Australian flora by, among other things, supporting efforts to strengthen laws and regulations for the conservation of Western Australian flora, encouraging enforcement of laws and regulations and making submissions on the preservation of Western Australian flora to government and other organisations.
  • To raise public awareness about the value of, and need to conserve, bushland.
  • To promote the cultivation of Western Australian flora in home gardens and public areas.
  • To promote the study of Western Australian flora and to keep records of information on growing methods and the performance of such plants under cultivation.

Newsletter Preference

To help reduce our environmental footprint and reduce costs we would prefer to send your Newsletter by email. If you would prefer to receive the printed newsletter please tick the box below - cost $16.50 (includes postage).

Australian Plants Journal

Members are entitled to subscribe to an additional publication called Australian Plants Journal, a national quarterly which is produced by the Australian Native Plant Society, a national organisation of which the Wildflower Society and similar societies in each state are members.

If you wish to subscribe to Australian Plants Journal for one year (four issues) please tick the box below - cost $24.20 (includes postage).

Preferred Branch

As a member of the Wildflower Society, you can attend any of the Branches throughout the Metropolitan area and the regions. Many of the branches send notices and newsletters to members that identify with their respective branch. You can choose one or more branches that you would like to receive these emails from. Select 'All' for all branches. You may have to do special keystrokes such as 'Ctrl+LeftClick' to select multiple branches.

Note: Emailed branch newsletters are in addition to whole of Society notices from Head Office.

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