Membership Levels

Getting involved with the Wildflower Society will give you direct access to an unmatched, independent depth of technical knowledge of WA’s wildflowers based on the work of its members and activities of its branches.  All members are entitled to participate in any or all branch activities.  All members receive the Western Australian quarterly Newsletter.

We offer a ‘green discount’ if you receive the Newsletter electronically – a $15 reduction on the membership fees listed below. Select your membership level and the discount will be applied at checkout.  You may also elect to receive the ANPSA Australian Plants journal for an additional fee, which will be added to your membership fee at checkout.

Why should you join, or renew your membership?  See the benefits of membership here.

Level Price  
Individual $70.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Family $115.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Overseas $70.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Concession $50.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Junior $25.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
Affiliated Organisation $70.00.
Membership expires after 1 Year.

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For those who prefer to apply for membership by post, you can download the membership application form here.  You can also renew by telephone using a credit card if you ring during normal office hours (Tues and Thurs 10am – 2.30pm) on 9383-7979, or you can make a direct payment, if you are joining for the first time also fill in the membership form and either post or EMAIL to the office.

Direct Bank Details

To make a Direct Credit payment via your financial institution you must include your NAME in the reference field of the transfer field.

BSB: 306-058

Account number: 4197355;

include “Memb; SURNAME” in the reference field, so we can identify your membership payment with the transfer.

Covid-19 Policy:

See details of the Society’s Covid-19 Policy.

Eligibility and Details for Membership Levels:

Membership shall be open to all persons or organisations supporting the Objects of the Society.  The Society shall consist of:
(a) Individual Members being individuals who shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership.
(b) Family Members who may include any two (2) adults such as parents or persons in loco parentis and such children as are in their care and are under the age of eighteen years. Each such family shall be regarded as one unit for the distribution of notices and Newsletters issued as part of the benefits of membership. Any two (2) adults on behalf of each family may exercise the right of voting. Alternatively any one adult on behalf of each family may exercise the right of voting by casting two (2) votes. Save the aforesaid, all family members may attend and be heard at meetings and functions of the Society and enjoy the benefits of membership.
(c) Junior Members who shall be persons under the age of eighteen years and older than six years of age. Junior members shall have no voting rights at meetings but otherwise shall have and enjoy all the benefits of membership.
(d) Honorary Life Members being members who have rendered special or meritorious service to the Society and who are nominated by a member of the Society and approved by the Management Committee. Honorary Life Members shall be relieved from the annual subscription for membership but shall be entitled to all the benefits of Individual Members and such other privileges as the members in General Meeting may from time to time prescribe.
(e) Affiliated Bodies, organisations, sole traders, partnerships or companies who support the objectives of the Society. They shall pay a subscription to receive notices and publications, may be heard through an appointed representative at meetings and functions of the Society but shall have no voting rights.
(f) Overseas Members who have advised the Honorary General Secretary that they reside or will be in residence in a place other than an Australian state or territory and who upon the payment of a subscription shall be eligible to the full membership benefits but without the right to vote.
(g) Concession Members are individuals who are in receipt of a means-tested Australian Commonwealth Government pension or are full-time tertiary students. Proof of status shall be produced upon application for membership. They shall be entitled to all the benefits of Individual Members.