Native vegetation issues paper

The Wildflower Society of WA actively campaigns for the protection of wildflowers and native vegetation in Western Australia. Conservation of wildflowers and the environment where they live is an ongoing and important issue, as our native vegetation suffers ‘death by a thousand cuts’ through incremental clearing.

The WSWA is making a formal submission to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), in response to the release for public consultation of a Native Vegetation issues paper. The consultation is to help DWER formulate a Native Vegetation Strategy, which will guide native vegetation policy in WA for decades. You can read more from the DWER website here.

Comments and submissions to government are always stronger and make more impact when they are supported by many members in the community. It would be great if, as a member of the Wildflower Society, you were able to take the time to make a short (or long) submission on this issue. This will help to back up the formal WSWA response and encourage DWER to take our position into consideration.

Making a submission should take between half and one hour to fill in the survey – time well spent if we can have an impact on government policy on the clearing of native vegetation.

You can make a submission by completing an online form. Go to and begin clicking on the links and answering the questions.  (click here)

Note that the submission period closes next Monday 10 Feb. So if you’re able to do this, please do it now.

The attached document has a set of potential responses that you may like to use, as a guide, for the most relevant questions. Please use this as a guide only, and express your answer in your own words. Note that only some questions are covered in the document – feel free to answer any others you think are important (note you don’t need to answer all questions for your survey responses to count).

Thanks for taking the time to help – every response helps drive home our message.

If you do find time to make a submission, please let us know at so we can track our impact and engagement.